Fledgling Arts Collective Volunteers – Fledgling Arts Collective Central

Fledgling Arts Collective Central provide a platform both online and offline for those who struggle with mental health, addiction or who feel like they don’t quite ‘fit’, or feel estranged to this world to express themselves through art as catharsis. We encourage being CathARTic! We are currently recruiting new volunteers to a range of exciting roles to help us in our vital work. Volunteering opportunities include:

*Fledgling Wings Moderator *General Senior Manager *Online Co-manager of Outreach *Outreach Manager *Outreach online volunteer position *Treasurer *Volunteer social media promoter *Volunteer website designer.

These are fantastic opportunities to help volunteering-all help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated. For further details please contact: Jewels Johnson at email: jewels-founder-fledgling@outlook.com