Teapot Trust Volunteers

The Teapot Trust children’s charity uses art therapy as a way of helping young people cope with long term medical conditions. We know that these conditions can cause anxiety, anger or upset for children and families. Art therapy provides a way of expressing and dealing with feelings, helping children to feel more in control and to cope with their condition.

We have a team of professional art therapists working across Scotland and London, including Royal Aberdeen’s Children’s Hospital. We are currently looking for volunteers to raise awareness and help to increase our presence in Aberdeen.

Teapot Trust want to recruit representatives to volunteer at local events such as tea parties, sponsored runs/walks and give talks about the work we do. Volunteers could also help run an arts and crafts table, manage collecting cans and sell merchandise. We always welcome new fundraising ideas and will provide support and training depending on the event. Depending on skill set we are looking for a volunteer to manage other volunteers on a local basis.

Excellent support is provided to all volunteers. A member of staff from Teapot Trust will explain to new volunteers what is required for each role and give training for relevant areas. There will be a named member of staff volunteers can also contact if they require support or wish to discuss their volunteering role.

For more details about these and other brilliant opportunities to assist and help the Teapot Trust make a real difference for children and young people in Aberdeen please contact Kirsty Moore at E Mail: info@teapot-trust.org  or Tel: 0131 273 4340.