Experiment in International Living – Homestay Host Families:

*Are you interested in learning about other cultures? *Is your family warm and welcoming?
*Are you willing to open your home?

Host families who open their homes to international visitors are the beating heart of EIL – the Experiment in International Living. The ‘homestay’ underpins the ethos of our organisation; shared intercultural exchanges and experiences that create lasting friendships and a more tolerant and understanding world.

*Could you offer international students or adult’s space in your home to experience everyday life in your family, community and country?

Our charity, EIL UK, is looking for families to host people from other countries and cultures for a day, a weekend, up to 4 weeks, or for an academic year. We pay our volunteers contribution towards the costs of hosting and provide information and on-going support.

*If you are passionate about your local area and are willing to share your family life and culture, why not join EIL’s network of host families who offer a home from home:
-Day or Weekend Stay for an international university student who arrives on a Friday evening and departs just before lunchtime on a Sunday.
-Short Family Stay to host a university student or an adult for 1 – 4 weeks.
-High School student aged 16 to 18 years who studies in a local school or college for a term/s or an academic year and lives as part of your family to learn about life in the UK, local traditions and improve their English language skills.
-or host a visitor on a Cultural Group visit where adults or young people are on an organised programme of day trips to various places of interest. Sometimes, they take part in workshops, learn a language or volunteer for local community organisations. As part of their visit, we offer individuals the chance to live with a host family for a few days.

*Get in touch to find out more

If you are interested in learning about other cultures, are a warm and welcoming family and are willing to share your home, please contact Kay on 01684 562577 for a chat or email host@eiluk.org for an information pack.