Telephone Friends | Silver Line

*“Loneliness is not having anyone to tell that you are lonely” (Janet, Silver Liner)

-By volunteering as a Telephone Friend for The Silver Line, we match you to one of our Silver Liners (older person) that you call once a week. Did you know? In the UK, more than 1 million people aged over 65 say they often or always feels lonely. We have 300 older people waiting for a Telephone Friend. They have chosen to be called our Silver Liners.

 *“Just speaking to someone helps me cope a little better…” (David, Silver Liner)

-This is a volunteer role that you can do from home or from work. All you need is access to a telephone and the internet. We ask for a commitment of up to a year where possible and the ability to make your call on the same day and time each week. Friendship calls can be made between 8am and 8pm Monday – Sunday. The Silver Line pays for the cost of all friendship calls and for safeguarding we also record the calls. In the time it takes to read the paper, watch the news or take a trip to the shop, you can volunteer with The Silver Line. A regular 30-minute call from a friend really can change the life of a lonely older person.

*“Volunteering with The Silver Line has exceeded my expectations in many ways. It is even more enjoyable than I imagined” (John, Telephone Friend)

-For further details about volunteering with Silver Line please contact the Silver Line Volunteering Team at Email:  / tel.: 020 7224 2020 / Silver Line Volunteering Page:  Also, See how The Silver Line makes a big difference search ‘The Silver Line’ on YouTube.