Inchgarth Community Centre | Volunteer Bus Driver for Phoenix Club

Inchgarth Community Centre is currently looking for a new Volunteer Bus Driver for our Phoenix Club. The Phoenix Club is a social club for people with physical and learning disabilities. It is a very important place for our members as it’s often the only opportunity people have to talk and socialise during the week. Some of them live far away from the centre, or just cannot come here by themselves, hence the need for a driver.

The Phoenix Club is held every Monday from 7-9pm, while the driver would need to be at Inchgarth at 5.15pm to get the bus and start the round. The role is only driving, there will be an escort in the bus to support and manage every needs from our members. The driver is welcome to stay in the centre during the Phoenix Club, and we’ll be happy to help you with coffee and a slice of cake! At the end of the club, the driver would take home our members. To be able to drive you would need a D1 on your license.

If you wish to volunteer, or know someone who might be interested, please get in touch with us. Even once a month would be great and your help would make a massive difference to some of societies most socially isolated and vulnerable adults and ensure people can get to their club.

For more details please contact Jules Ory, Inchgarth Community Centre Volunteer Coordinator, at email  or tel.: 01224 325191.