Assistants at Chronic Pain Support Group | Grampian Pain Support

Grampian Pain Support was established in 2014 and became a registered charity in 2015. It is run by a committee of people all living with chronic pain. We are the only support group in the area that is specifically for people living with chronic pain. The impact of living with chronic pain can be devastating and can affect many aspects of daily life. Our aim is to promote the self-management of chronic pain and for members to benefit from peer support at the meetings, at the meetings we have a guest speaker, the opportunity to join in with some gentle exercise suitable for those with mobility issues and some time for relaxation or mindfulness.

We hold a meeting at the Health Village on Frederick Street, Aberdeen from noon to 2pm on the first Friday of every month (no meeting in January). We meet in rooms 4/5 of the learning zone on level 2. All of us on the committee are living with chronic pain; most have limited mobility and often other chronic health conditions. Due to this we struggle with some of the more physical tasks in relation to the meetings.

We would like to have a volunteer that has a degree of physical fitness to assist with the following tasks:

1.Arrive between 11am and 11.30 arrange chairs in a semi-circle (sometimes the chairs will have been left in this position by previous room users) If necessary, move 2 tables to correct position (these are on wheels).

2.Assist with unpacking our 2 storage boxes and laying out contents on table (books, leaflets, compact discs).

3.Occasionally going to reception to meet a guest speaker and accompany them up to the meeting room.

4.At 1.20 going to the Aroma Cafe at the reception area and collecting our hospitality trolley and wheeling it up to the room.

5.Assist with dispensing tea/coffee and biscuits to the group attendees.

6.At end of the meeting assisting with packing the storage boxes and returning the tea trolley to the Cafe. Currently we have around 24 people attending our meetings.

A fantastic opportunity to help – all assistance is greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Laura McCann, Secretary at Email:  or tel.: 07812161871.