Common Weal Aberdeen | Apple Tree Grower Volunteers

This initiative is about planting varieties of apple trees in any suitable space available. The blossoms are excellent for honey bees which are under threat. Apple varieties that are under threat of being lost are also maintained.

Any fruit is to be made available for communities to use as they wish. Fruit may be used for eating  directly, for cooked products and for cider making. Any profit from apples cropped will be returned to the community as well.

Volunteers are needed to assist the project by :

  • Digging a hole.
  • Partly backfill with compost.
  • Place the apple tree, tree support and protection as required into the hole.
  • Complete backfill and water as appropriate.
  • Label with apple variety, its primary use, name of volunteer, date planted.
  • Feel good for helping the bees, the planet and our communities.

Initially we are looking at two sites:

1. Grove Nursery at Hazelhead.
2. Cove Woodland Trust, South Cove Road.

More sites will be developed across Aberdeen and the North East and  other volunteering and job opportunities may arise as the project develops. All aspects of grafting, pruning etc. can be arranged for volunteers showing the correct aptitudes.

A fantastic opportunity to help an exciting initiative. All help greatly appreciated. For more details please contact Brian Allan, Volunteer & Funding Co-ordinator at E Mail:  or tel.: 07751275757.