Community Chaplaincy Listening Service Do you have time to listen?

Based in health, care and community settings, CCL is a service that promotes wellbeing by offering an active spiritual listening service. CCL helps people explore their deepest hurts and draw strength from their own inner resources and from the communities of support around them. CCL is a short term, early intervention model of person-centred, assets-based, spiritual listening with the aim of promoting personal and communal spiritual wellbeing.

We are looking for volunteers to become listeners with the following experience: 1. Recognition of a spiritual dimension to life in self and/or others (create a safe space for the person to verbalise whatever gets in the way of their wellbeing and resilience) 2. Personal resilience, receptiveness to the pain of others 3. High degree of reflexivity, ability to recognise own inner process 4. Accepting and non-judgmental presence, commitment to person-centred ways of being and doing 5. Advanced communication skills, ability to handle raw feelings and emotions 6. Ability to foster wellbeing and autonomy rather than cultivate neediness and dependency 7. Ability to hold clear boundaries about issues and relationships 8. Ability to demonstrate previous experience in active listening it is expected that potential Listeners would be able to demonstrate these skills within their training and continue to develop these qualities when delivering the service.

Based in a health care setting, usually a GP Practice. Commitment to 4 days training and a half day a week am/pm listening. Referral based listening service usually from GP or other Health Professionals.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our volunteer opportunity please contact (Community Chaplaincy Listening Volunteer Co-ordinator or call 07584 217192.