Magazine Designer Volunteer at Pushing Out the Boat

We are seeking a volunteer with desktop publishing experience and some free time, particularly in the first quarter of 2021, to join our friendly team as Magazine Designer. The task – to help prepare the next issue of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s magazine of new writing and the visual arts, for printed publication.

Pushing Out the Boat is a literary and arts magazine, publishing high-quality prose, poetry and art selected from a unique blend of the global and the local. Contributions for publication are chosen following an open call for submissions through the POTB website, then the Editor and Magazine Designer work closely together to assemble the content, design the layout and prepare the magazine for printing.

The current issue of the magazine, Issue 15, was published in April 2019 and now we are making preparations for Issue 16 which, ideally and COVID-19 permitting, will be published in April or May 2021. We are seeking a new Magazine Designer to join the team to assist with the design and undertake the desktop publishing of the new issue.

Interested? Take a look at the ‘Our Magazines’ section of our website at where you will find a sample of the most recent issues of the magazine and the full content of some earlier issues. These will give you the idea of what we will be aiming to produce for Issue 16. Text for the content of the magazine will be provided to the Designer as Word files and the artwork as JPGs. We can provide the desktop publishing and graphics software if required.

Informal induction with Coordinator, induction/training in IT systems with webmaster is provided. The Magazine Designer can volunteer remotely to meet COVID-19 safety restrictions  (we have recently been meeting via Zoom anyway.)

POTB is a registered charity (SCIO No SC044919) and is run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated (unpaid) volunteers. A fantastic and exciting opportunity to join our great volunteer team. All help greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Roger White,  Coordinator at E Mail: or tel. : 07925 822489.