Volunteer Patients – University of Aberdeen Patient Partner Programme

Patient Partners are members of the public who assist in the practice and learning sessions by being available to speak to and be examined by our students. There is no prior training or experiences necessary to be selected to join the Programme, all we ask is that a Patient Partner be willing to help, reliable and most importantly have a good sense of humour!

Patient Partners may role play a health problem from a scenario (short description of symptoms and how they have been affecting you, as well as a social and medical history) so that medical and dental students can practise interviewing patients away from the hussle and bussle of a busy hospital ward. Patient Partners may also be used for non-invasive procedures/examinations (for example, the taking of a blood pressure, listening to a patient’s lungs or having joints examined/put through normal movements).

Good support, relevant training and reimbursement of any out of pocket expenses e.g.: bus fares, car mileage etc. is provided to all volunteers. All help makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

For more details please contact us at Email: patientpp@abdn.ac.uk  or Tel 01224 437887.