Befrienders for Young People : Butterfly Trust (Aberdeen & Grampian)

This befriending opportunity allows the befriender to make a positive difference for a young person, while also growing their own experience and enhancing their life skills. Our befrienders offer one to one support to a young person aged 8  to 18, who has Cystic Fibrosis.  

Young people living with this condition have a demanding daily treatment regime at home and sometimes experience limitations that can affect their confidence and ability to cope with the challenges of everyday living.   They may also be socially isolated because of their condition.

A befriender will meet with the young person every 1 to 2 weeks, to build a trusting one to one relationship.  This will allow the young person space and a suitable environment to explore their feelings, discuss their fears, develop life skills and grow in the areas where they may be struggling.

A great opportunity to make a real difference for people. Excellent support and relevant training is provided to all volunteers.  For more details please contact Helen Tew, Volunteer Manager at E Mail: or tel 0131 478 1268.