Fresh Community Wellness Volunteers

Fresh (Fitness, Recovery, Exercise, Safe, Health) Community Wellness – help in the community through providing wellness walks and chat safe space sessions, activities that connect with nature, fun litter picks, easy exercise education and fun fitness, befriending and mentoring to encourage those who may not currently be connected in the community, with gentle motivation from friendly community volunteers. As well as the inclusion of lived experience.

To help in this fantastic and important work we are currently seeking people to assist with a wide range of roles. This includes helping as:

-Gardening, Tidying & Nature Enthusiast Volunteers
-Handy Person/Upcycling Outdoor Items Volunteers
-Community Walks Volunteers and Walk Leaders
-Community Garden Painting Volunteers
-Community Improvement Volunteers
-Community Gardeners
-Helping with practical tasks e.g.: joinery, painting
-Phone or Internet Initial Befriending Volunteers
-Fundraiser/Events/Awareness Volunteers
-Admin. Volunteers
-Welfare Outreach Assistants
-Committee Member and Governance Volunteers
-Design Volunteers
-PR, Presentations & Networking Volunteers
-Home Based Wellness Assistants
-Video, Film & Music Social Issues Volunteers
-Social Media Volunteers
-Befriending and Wellness Volunteers
-Wellness & Nature Enthusiast Volunteer Hub Leaders

Good support and relevant training is provided in all roles to all volunteers. Training offered for induction then optional specialisms as per individual. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.

A tremendous opportunity to help, make a real difference in the community and be part of a great, welcoming voluntary group. All assistance is greatly appreciated. For more information about any of our volunteer roles please email us at: Further details are also available via our websites and social media at , and