Northfield Youth Hub Volunteers

If you are interested in helping your community then this is for you! Helping through volunteering with a multi-agency group who will support each other in delivering a new youth hub for the young people and wider community in Northfield.

The Northfield Youth Hub have a number of great ways you can join us and help:


-Primary focus:
The role of the Chair of a community team, is to lead and guide the team during the bi-monthly meetings.
-Main duties and responsibilities:
▪ Along with the team determine the theme and/or identify topic areas to focus on during the year/s of office.
▪ Ensure the team operates within the current guidelines laid out in the constitution.
▪ Report the results of the group’s activities at the AGM.
▪ Chair team meetings ensuring that all required business is covered and that all members have a fair opportunity to express their opinions.
▪ Disseminate to the Northfield Youth Action Group (NYAG) leadership team the outcomes from meetings.
▪ Communicate with other local community groups in order to collaborate, pool knowledge and share best practice.
▪ Ensure that each action from meetings has a named person to lead on its development and delivery.

* Treasurer

-Main duties and responsibilities:

• Oversee the financial affairs of the group and ensure they are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice.

• Ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures are in place.

• Monitor and report on the financial health of the group.

• Oversee the production of necessary financial reports/returns, accounts and audits.


-Main duties and responsibilities:

• Record and transcribe all minutes of Northfield Youth Hub group.

• Distribute minutes and other relevant information as required to the community volunteers and group members in advance of each meeting.

• Forward a copy of all the minutes to the group members.

• Maintain files of minutes, correspondence etc., on the community group’s behalf.

• Ensure a meeting room is available for any future face-to-face meetings.

• Correspond with Community volunteers, group members and others as required.

• Upon vacating the position all files etc. must be passed on to the new secretary.

Fantastic opportunities to make a real difference for young people and the community. All volunteers are greatly appreciated.

For further details about any of the roles and ways you can assist the Northfield Youth Hub please contact Derek Bain, Partnership Development Officer at email: or telephone: 01224 301068.