Support Volunteers – Searchlight Scotland

Searchlight Scotland runs a restoration programme and supported accommodation for women whose lives have been affected by human trafficking, addiction, abuse and other life controlling issues

We are recruiting volunteers to help us in our mission.  In particular we would like to reach out to students who are currently studying psychology, social work or health care.  However, anyone who is enthusiastic, caring and passionate about helping make a difference in people’s lives is what we are looking for the most.

Our volunteers will mainly be based in our safe house assisting with aspects such as:

  • Assisting with the running of the safe house
  • Take women to appointments
  • Help women learn life skills in a practical way
  • Encourage independence
  • Encourage participation in activities
  • Help run informal activities
  • Document all events and handover

Our amazing volunteers provide us with their time, passion and energy, helping us to continue supporting the vulnerable people we serve in our community.  In return, our volunteers have been able to:

  • gain new skills and confidence
  • enhance their CV and employability
  • meet new people
  • get training and support
  • make a difference

If you wish to volunteer or for any further details please contact Eva D’ Amico, Volunteer Coordinator at email: eva.d’ or telephone.: 07927371717. More details are also available at our website: