Volunteer Befrienders – TLC Befriending Service

Everyone can feel lonely and isolated at times, especially if experiencing hardship. At TLC our vision is to see a transformed community where poverty and social isolation are a thing of the past. The TLC Befriending Project provides befriending services for anyone aged 18 and older where our values of Compassion, Purposefulness and Community are central to everything we do.

In response to the effects of loneliness and isolation on peoples wellbeing (physical, emotional, social and mental health), that the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated, TLC have responded to this need and further developed our befriending service to combat the loneliness and isolation felt by many in our city. Our service is provided to anyone aged 18 years and over in Aberdeen who is experiencing or at risk of loneliness or isolation. Your help as a volunteer would therefore make a real difference.

Our expertly trained and compassionate volunteers not only provide a lifeline to people, in the form of friendship, but also a helping hand to reconnect to the community, bringing joy and passion back into people’s lives.

If you would like to be a beacon of hope to someone in need, please do apply to join our fantastic team of volunteers. For further information please email us at recruitment@tlc.org.uk