Volunteer Minibus Drivers for the Pensioners Club – Inchgarth Community Centre

We are looking for people who would go on a rota to collect and take home members from the Pensioners Club at Inchgarth Community Centre on Monday afternoons.

The Pensioners Club is held every Monday from 1-3pm, while the driver would need to be at Inchgarth at 12.15pm to get the bus and start the round. The role is only driving, there will be an escort on the bus to support and manage every needs of our members. The driver is welcome to stay in the centre during the Club, and we’ll be happy to help you with coffee and a slice of cake! At the end of the club, the driver would take home our members. To be able to drive you would just need a D1 on your drivers license.

The Pensioners Club makes a huge difference in the lives of our members. All volunteers are greatly appreciated and provided with excellent support. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can help, join our fantastic team of volunteers and make a real difference in the community: Email: volunteerinchgarth@gmail.com / Tel: 01224 325191 / Website: http://www.inchgarth.org/