CFINE and Earth & Worms Community Garden Cargobike Compost Courier Volunteers

CFINE and Earth & Worms Community Garden (E&W) are working together to expand community composting in Aberdeen. We’d like to continue building our lovely volunteer bases, and install some new features in the E&W garden that will enable us to branch out into new activities.

Compost matters! By composting, waste can be reinvented as a valuable resource for increasing the fertility and biodiversity of our soil. Even as things are now we produce sufficient compost at E&W for all of our existing vegetable beds, fruiting trees and bushes, etc. But there are times when we run a little short, and in the future it would be great to be able to increase production of both our compost, and our fruit and veg. And in time, who’s to say that other gardens couldn’t reap the benefits of this work by being supported to produce compost of their own!

But for more compost, we need to collect more waste, and to collect more waste, we’ll need to expand our systems…

Enter the Cargobike Compost Courier scheme! We have a number of individuals who are already on the team, helping us to shift compostable waste from locations throughout Aberdeen back to the E&W HQ in Tillydrone, but we could do with a few new people onside so we can keep pace with the supply of materials.

Excellent support and relevant guidance is provided to all volunteers. First, volunteers will be introduced to the bikes and will go for a trial-run together with an existing CFINE staff member or volunteer. Depending on the situation, and the new volunteer’s level of confidence with cycling in Aberdeen, we can also provide access to cargobike training days together with staff at SusTrans.

At CFINE, we run additional training routinely as a part of our Community Growing remit, which may be of interest to volunteers. Our gardening courses provide an introduction to many of the basics of gardening, including composting.

A fantastic opportunity to help with wonderful community composting in Aberdeen. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated. For further details please contact Lucy Edwards, Community Growing Assistant at email: or telephone: 01224 596156