Cruse Bereavement Support  Community Grief Champions

Cruse is the largest bereavement support organisation in the UK. Working in partnership with Co-op and Cruse Scotland, we are bringing communities together to support those who are grieving.  

We want to help build compassionate and kind communities for when grief impacts. We are seeking 12 volunteer Community Grief Champions to support in each of the local areas.  These Grief Champions will work with our Connecting Communities Project Manager, to identify and make connections with local organisations and groups.  

You could be one of those Champions!

You will receive comprehensive training, supervision and support.  You will also be part of a community with other Grief Champions.

-Supported by our Project Manager, you will be:  
• Upskilling community members in how to support people when they experience the death of someone close.
• Coordinating efforts to reach more people and organisations in your local area.
• Building relationships between organisations, to help more people when grief is experienced.
• Establish groups of participants for the Community Group Support training.

-Essential Qualities:  
• A passion for your community.
• A desire to learn more about grief and how it impacts people.  
• Open to communicating in diverse ways and to various people.
• Empathy and compassion.
• A desire to gain knowledge of the communities you are working with.  

-Time commitment:
• Attend the monthly Grief Champion group session.  
• 1 – 3 hours week working with communities and/or project manager.  

-What’s in it for you?  
• Helping to connect compassionate communities and create safe spaces for conversations about death and grief.
• Gain skills in communication and active listening.
• 1 to 1 support and group support in your volunteering, from a Project Manager.
• Help increase wellbeing across the wider community.
• Join thousands of people across the country changing the lives of bereaved people.

-Practical Considerations:  
• You must live in, or have knowledge of the Aberdeen area.
• All expenses paid.

A fantastic opportunity to help and make a real difference.

For more information please contact Amber Plumbly, Project Manager at email: or telephone: 07852290567.