Exciting volunteering opportunities at Community Food Initiatives North East

At Community Food Initiatives North East we are currently looking for volunteers who can take on some key roles within our charity, focusing on developing our current structures to meet the changing needs of our disadvantaged and vulnerable beneficiaries.  This includes:

*Procurement Volunteer(s): We would like a volunteer to undertake a scoping exercise and participate in the costing analysis of procuring and refurbishing a vehicle. This is an ambitious project and the person(s) involved; will receive a full induction, have the opportunity to work with a friendly and professional team in a supportive environment, and work on a key project that can benefit a wide range of disadvantaged families. The project will expand the reach of our emergency provisions to support urban and rural communities across the North East of Scotland.

*Policy and Procedures Volunteer(s): We are currently developing and affirming our policy and procedural structures to ensure everyone from our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries continue to remain safe, healthy and considered throughout our work with them. We would like a volunteer with HR experience to work with us to review and develop our policies, and review our staff salary scales and structures. This is a rewarding opportunity to develop a key need in an organisation that is central to food security in the North of Scotland.

*Health and Safety Volunteer(s): As with all work sites that host heavy machinery, large pallets and lots of food, CFINE is a dynamic space where every day is a little different from the one before. Health, Safety and Wellbeing are central to our ethos and having an experienced volunteer who can advise, support and guide the management and staff teams on the implementation of the Health and Safety policies and other relevant legislation will be key to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for our community. We would like someone who has experience in undertaking Health and Safety audits, and understands, or is willing to research, existing local/national policies and procedures surrounding food distribution.

*Fundraising Committee Member(s): Fundraising is key to our work; we aim to continually innovate and expand our offering to ensure our disadvantaged communities are never left behind. We would like someone to assist on our fundraising committee to identify new ideas and opportunities to maximise local fundraising efforts, help to plan and coordinate group fundraising activities, promote fundraising events and initiatives in the local community and will commit to our vision of a UK without food insecurity and poverty.

We cannot do this critical work alone; only with the help of skilled volunteers can we continue to support our society’s most vulnerable communities and individuals during this time of crisis.

A fantastic opportunity to volunteer at an award winning charity and social enterprise. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.

For more information and to discuss further please contact Kevin Mathew, FareShare Sustainability Development on email KMathew@cfine.org

Volunteer Patients – University of Aberdeen Patient Partner Programme

Patient Partners are members of the public who assist in the practice and learning sessions by being available to speak to and be examined by our students. There is no prior training or experiences necessary to be selected to join the Programme, all we ask is that a Patient Partner be willing to help, reliable and most importantly have a good sense of humour!

Patient Partners may role play a health problem from a scenario (short description of symptoms and how they have been affecting you, as well as a social and medical history) so that medical and dental students can practise interviewing patients away from the hussle and bussle of a busy hospital ward. Patient Partners may also be used for non-invasive procedures/examinations (for example, the taking of a blood pressure, listening to a patient’s lungs or having joints examined/put through normal movements).

Good support, relevant training and reimbursement of any out of pocket expenses e.g.: bus fares, car mileage etc. is provided to all volunteers. All help makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

For more details please contact us at Email: patientpp@abdn.ac.uk  or Tel 01224 437887.

Camphill School Aberdeen Volunteers

Camphill School Aberdeen has exciting new volunteer opportunities to help. As a volunteer you will become part of a team within one of our 10 residential Care homes, set in beautiful surroundings 5 miles outside of Aberdeen City centre and close to the Deeside Railway line. We are currently seeking people to volunteer as:

> Voluntary Coworkers within Residential School and Care Homes: Our pupils age from 12-25 years old and as part of your position, you will be with them when they attend the school, farm and gardens, workshops or even riding stables as part of their personalised daily routines and assist them with their tasks throughout the day.

> Voluntary Farm and Gardens Volunteers: Our farm cares for cows, pigs, goats, hens and alpacas. As part of your position, you will be with our pupils when they attend the farm and gardens as part of their personalised daily routines and assist them with their tasks.

> Voluntary Workshop Assistants: You will be with our pupils when they attend the various workshops (woodwork, metal, weavery, felt, candle, pottery, bike and Fruver- our food workshop)as part of their personalised daily routines and assist them with their tasks.

These opportunities do not require you to have previous experience, we just ask that you are caring, patient and willing to help our pupils, have an interest in people and different ways of communications.

Training is provided in induction and support given throughout the volunteering time within Camphill School Aberdeen.

Fantastic opportunities to help with all assistance making a real difference and greatly appreciated.

For more details please contact Naomi Paton, Recruitment Administrator at E Mail: n.paton@crss.org.uk or tel.: 01224 866162.

AberNecessities: HR Professional Volunteer

At AberNecessities we believe every child deserves the best start possible in life, that’s why AberNecessities aims to provide support to the children of disadvantaged families across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

Everybody, no matter their background and their lifestyle, experiences their own problems and difficulties, but as a parent, providing the basics for your child should never be one of them.

That is why AberNecessities work to make sure that families who are experiencing difficulties have the support they need to give their children the best chance in life and make a real difference.

AberNecessities is looking to run a substantial volunteer recruitment campaign over the coming weeks and is looking for an experienced HR Professional to help develop and deliver a recruitment strategy to enable us to correctly manage this process. 

This initial opportunity is temporary (4-6 weeks) however, we would be delighted to continue to work with our new volunteer as we grow and develop over the years and require more advice and support.

An exciting opportunity with a charity making a real difference for children and families across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, including crucial support during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. All help greatly appreciated.

For more information please contact Thalia Lyness, Operations Coordinator at email: thalia@abernecessities.co.uk

Magazine Designer Volunteer at Pushing Out the Boat

We are seeking a volunteer with desktop publishing experience and some free time, particularly in the first quarter of 2021, to join our friendly team as Magazine Designer. The task – to help prepare the next issue of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s magazine of new writing and the visual arts, for printed publication.

Pushing Out the Boat is a literary and arts magazine, publishing high-quality prose, poetry and art selected from a unique blend of the global and the local. Contributions for publication are chosen following an open call for submissions through the POTB website, then the Editor and Magazine Designer work closely together to assemble the content, design the layout and prepare the magazine for printing.

The current issue of the magazine, Issue 15, was published in April 2019 and now we are making preparations for Issue 16 which, ideally and COVID-19 permitting, will be published in April or May 2021. We are seeking a new Magazine Designer to join the team to assist with the design and undertake the desktop publishing of the new issue.

Interested? Take a look at the ‘Our Magazines’ section of our website at www.pushingouttheboat.co.uk where you will find a sample of the most recent issues of the magazine and the full content of some earlier issues. These will give you the idea of what we will be aiming to produce for Issue 16. Text for the content of the magazine will be provided to the Designer as Word files and the artwork as JPGs. We can provide the desktop publishing and graphics software if required.

Informal induction with Coordinator, induction/training in IT systems with webmaster is provided. The Magazine Designer can volunteer remotely to meet COVID-19 safety restrictions  (we have recently been meeting via Zoom anyway.)

POTB is a registered charity (SCIO No SC044919) and is run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated (unpaid) volunteers. A fantastic and exciting opportunity to join our great volunteer team. All help greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Roger White,  Coordinator at E Mail: info@pushingouttheboat.co.uk or tel. : 07925 822489.

Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau Volunteers

Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau provides individuals with impartial, confidential, free advice and influences social policy locally and nationally. We are seeking volunteers to assist our team of staff and volunteers in raising the profile of Citizens Advice, promoting our services to potential clients, supporting fundraising activities and increasing awareness of the public.

We have 2 new volunteer opportunities:

*One to assist in publicity and promotion:

Involves helping to design and write publicity materials, develop relationships with local media and maintain our social media presence. You will have the companionship and support of an interesting and highly-motivated team of staff and volunteers.

*and one focussed on fundraising:

To help research and write funding bids to grant-making bodies. We can offer the experience of working with a nationally-affiliated charity that addresses a wide range of social issues. You will have the companionship and support of an interesting and highly-motivated team of staff and volunteers.

These  roles can be carried out at home or, once the COVID19 restrictions have been lifted, at the Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau office, 41 Union Street, Aberdeen.

Hours are flexible, depending on funding deadlines; but volunteers are asked to be available for one day or two half days a week. Excellent training and support is provided. Volunteers receive full information and training on the organisation using online training modules and once appropriate face-to-face. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.

For further details please contact Kate Dean, Deputy Manager at E Mail: Kate.Dean@aberdeencab.casonline.org.uk or tel.: 01224 569759.

Kindness Volunteers (during Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak) | Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Help us and join Scotland’s fight against Coronavirus COVID-19. Volunteering as a Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Kindness Volunteer means you will be helping the most vulnerable people in Scotland to stay safe and well at home.

We have important roles that will really make a difference to the people most at risk in our communities right now including:

>Community Kindness Volunteers  – to help with deliveries of shopping and essentials to people in need and dog walking.

>Digital Volunteers – spread the word through social media.

>Kindness Callers–  to provide regular ‘kindness’ calls and a check-in service for people who are worried, scared or lonely because of self-isolation.

>Kindness Drivers – undertaken in line with Government guidelines.

Relevant training and regular contact with a volunteer line manager, who will be available for support and to answer questions is provided to all volunteers.

*Please sign up online – www.chss.org.uk/kindness or for further advice, please contact volunteering@chss.org.uk

**For more about Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland please visit www.chss.org.uk

Kindness Callers (during Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak) | Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland are running the biggest ever volunteer recruitment campaign to help vulnerable people who have one of our conditions and are self-isolating during the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Help us and join Scotland’s fight against coronavirus. Volunteering as a Kindness Caller means you will be helping the most vulnerable people in Scotland to stay safe and well at home.

Our charity supports people with chest, heart and stroke conditions every day and right now those people are the most at risk in the country. Many are scared, worried and isolated and need our help more than ever. That is why this role as a kindness caller is so important.

Volunteering to be a kindness caller will help reduce social isolation and loneliness and provide a check in service for those who are stuck in their homes. This can be done through our new telephone check in service, text message or facetime call to our existing service users and anyone who needs us.

Relevant training and regular contact with a volunteer line manager, who will be available for support and to answer questions is provided to all volunteers. *Please sign up online – www.chss.org.uk/kindness  or for further advice, please contact volunteering@chss.org.uk

Community Chaplaincy Listening Service Do you have time to listen?

Based in health, care and community settings, CCL is a service that promotes wellbeing by offering an active spiritual listening service. CCL helps people explore their deepest hurts and draw strength from their own inner resources and from the communities of support around them. CCL is a short term, early intervention model of person-centred, assets-based, spiritual listening with the aim of promoting personal and communal spiritual wellbeing.

We are looking for volunteers to become listeners with the following experience: 1. Recognition of a spiritual dimension to life in self and/or others (create a safe space for the person to verbalise whatever gets in the way of their wellbeing and resilience) 2. Personal resilience, receptiveness to the pain of others 3. High degree of reflexivity, ability to recognise own inner process 4. Accepting and non-judgmental presence, commitment to person-centred ways of being and doing 5. Advanced communication skills, ability to handle raw feelings and emotions 6. Ability to foster wellbeing and autonomy rather than cultivate neediness and dependency 7. Ability to hold clear boundaries about issues and relationships 8. Ability to demonstrate previous experience in active listening it is expected that potential Listeners would be able to demonstrate these skills within their training and continue to develop these qualities when delivering the service.

Based in a health care setting, usually a GP Practice. Commitment to 4 days training and a half day a week am/pm listening. Referral based listening service usually from GP or other Health Professionals.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our volunteer opportunity please contact evonne.llewellyn@nhs.net (Community Chaplaincy Listening Volunteer Co-ordinator or call 07584 217192.

Volunteer Trustees | Zero Waste Aberdeen

We are a young democratically run organisation that needs to grow. At the moment we are a small group working at projects that reduce waste and we intend that Aberdeen and Shire become zero waste areas. That is, that everything we use becomes part of a circular economy and is not discarded needlessly to be tipped or burned.

Currently, our main projects are:-

*Go Green Café

*Trash to Treasure

*Men’s Sheds

*Planting Fruit Trees for Community Benefit

These worthy projects are undertaken alongside family and work commitments but we need to do more if we are to make inroads to the waste we generate each day. That presents exciting opportunities for volunteers.

Our next step then, is for more ‘Trustees’ to join with us to take on an officer of the board role, or to become an ordinary member and help steer the way forward to a successful reduction of waste to zero.

If you’re/for more information then please do get in touch with Brian Allan at email brianaltenscc2@gmail.com or tel.: 07751275757.