Poppyscotland Bud Heritage Volunteers

*About Bud:
Bud is Poppyscotland’s brand new vehicle for exploration and learning, a truck that transforms into a mobile community space, comprising a mini poppy factory, micro-museum and with interactive learning opportunities.

Bud is an interactive experience that encourages visitors to create their personal remembrance journey through exploring the exhibits. It is helping us keep remembrance relevant all year round.

*About the opportunity:
As a Bud Heritage Volunteer, you will support the delivery of the Bud project when Bud is in your area. This could see you supporting in one of the key tasks below:

-Welcome members of the public and groups (schools, girl guides, brownies, cubs, cadets etc.) visiting Bud on their arrival
-To deliver activities both indoor and outdoor as planned by the Bud team
-To assist with evaluation of Bud by encouraging feedback and collecting data
-To be flexible in the performance of the post and undertake duties requested by the Bud team
-Support the staff team in set up and take down at visits and events. Support staff in the delivery of activities with schools, groups and public visitors

*Benefits for you:
-Having access to appropriate training for the role
-You will have the opportunity to meet a wide range of new people
-Building on your existing skills and developing new ones
-Being part of a friendly, committed team
-Attending local events

A fantastic opportunity to help PoppyScotland and be part of the exciting Bud Project. All help makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

*What’s next?
For further information or to express your interest in this opportunity, please get in touch either *Online – www.poppybud.org.uk/volunteer , * Email – volunteer@poppybud.org.uk or *Phone – Sandra Comrie – 0141 773 6

FRESH Community Wellness: Community Engagement and Wellness Volunteers

FRESH Community Wellness is a registered charity (OSCR-Office of Scottish Charity Regulator charity number SCO51346).

We are currently working to help engage the community and we are seeking more friendly volunteers to reach residents who may be looking for safe, free options. Anyone of any ability can volunteer with us in some way. We are working in several partnerships which include Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Paths for All, Aberdeen City Council and many more.

Are you interested in health, wellness, caring for others, community gardening, food growing, nature, the environment, children’s activities, event planning, fundraising or sports and up for helping to regenerate an entire community? In addition to our community based activities, we also have multiple home-based volunteering options for graphic design, admin, website and social media editing.  If you have a couple of hours free to spare each week and are enthusiastic about the idea of uniting communities and making the local area safe, tidy, and beautiful – then please do help us out.

We offer induction, training courses, as well as free PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) applications for our safeguarding process. We have the ability for immediate starts following application/references, to start the volunteer’s pathway.

This is an excellent opportunity to give back. Also, if you wish it is a great way to boost your CV and employment prospects.  Brilliant way to volunteer for a college, university or work placement and gain skills. Most of all you will be making a real positive difference for people and the community, which will be greatly appreciated by all. As a registered Scottish charity, we are happy to issue references for your volunteering with ourselves.

For further details about helping volunteering with us please contact Elaine Campbell, Co-ordinator at email: admin@freshcommunitywellness.com or tel.: 07562689691.

Befriend a Child Volunteers

Local children’s charity, Befriend a Child are looking for kind, caring and reliable people to bring fun, positivity, and new experiences to the lives of children and young people across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

At Befriend a Child we support school-aged children in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire who are growing up in difficult life circumstances. We match them with trained volunteers or ‘Befrienders’ or ‘Mentors’ who act as positive role models to help children develop resilience, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Typically, these are children whose fundamental childhood years have been neglected or lost due to issues outside of their control. Volunteers meet the child on a one-to-one basis and help the children and young people with their self-esteem and confidence and give them experiences they may be unable to have otherwise. Befrienders meet with the children twice a month and mentors meet on a weekly basis. Befriend a Child provides volunteers with full training and support, so volunteers don’t need to have any previous experience working with children.

Befriend a Child receives referrals from a number of sources including Education, Social Work, Health and Third Sector partners. We are the only dedicated befriending and mentoring service for children in the Northeast.

It’s not just the children who benefit from befriending and mentoring, our volunteers also feel they gain a great deal from the experience. For example, Befriend a Child volunteer Craig feeds back: “Befriending is the biggest achievement of my life, knowing I’ve been a positive influence in someone’s life whilst creating some fantastic memories and experiences. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a great way to add sunshine into your own life as well as doing the same for others. Many of these children just simply need a friend and so it’s not what you do that is important but the fact that you are doing something together.” (Craig Duncan, Volunteer Befriender).

If you want to help a local child, make sure to get in touch by emailing us at volunteer@befriendachild.org.uk or visit www.befriendachild.org.uk to find out more.

Fersands Family Centre Volunteers

We have a child in nursery who has been diagnosed with Autism who would benefit from 1 to 1 support. 

We are looking for a volunteer(s) familiar with Autism who would be willing to support the child/staff, the child currently attends nursery in the mornings.   Having support from a volunteer(s) would be a huge benefit to the child and family.

-Our Setting

We are a registered charity and non-profit organisation we support families in the local community which is a regeneration area.   The children in our setting are aged between 2-5 years old.  The volunteer(s) would be supporting us in the mornings the hours of the session is 7.45am – 12noon. The maximum amount of children in each session is 22.  

A fantastic opportunity to help and all volunteer assistance is greatly appreciated. For more details please contact Susan Byun, Manager at email: familycentre.fersands@gmail.com or tel.: 01224 524950/524946.


Pushing Out the Boat magazine (North-east Scotland’s Biennial Magazine of New Writing and the Visual Arts) is looking for a new treasurer to join our team of (unpaid) volunteers.

We are a registered charity (SCIO No SC044919) with annual income and spending in the low thousands. Our main income derives from magazine sales and events. Apart from administrative expenses, our main cost is printing the magazine. We will provide interested candidates with a summary of our accounts for the last three years.

You will:

  1. manage our receipts/payments accounting system to include monies received and paid during each financial year via our bank and PayPal accounts and in cash, along with a statement of balances at year end
  2. take overall responsibility for operating our bank and PayPal accounts
  3. prepare annual accounts, for our Annual General Meeting, obtaining our external auditor’s approval and lodging them with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
  4. advise the management committee on future financial issues, e.g. potential fundraising and upgrading of our technology to accept payments for magazines and events
  5. become a charity trustee, a member of our managing committee (to which you will make a regular treasurer’s report), and one of five office-bearers, including our chair, editor, co-ordinator, and secretary.
  6. you must be able to demonstrate experience and competence in the technical aspects of the role, and provide us with a referee who can confirm that.

While not essential, you may get more out of the opportunity if you have a general interest in the arts.

We are a friendly group of volunteers whose meetings and occasional events are held in or near Aberdeen.

You can find OSCR’s detailed guidance on operating charity accounts at https://www.oscr.org.uk/media/3532/a-guide-to-charity-accounting.pdf  Please also browse our website at https://www.pushingouttheboat.co.uk/ to get a feel for what we do.

Contact us at info@pushingouttheboat.co.uk to discuss this opportunity or lodge your interest in it. We recruit new team members through a discussion between any interested and qualified candidate and a small group of trustees to confirm that we’re suited for each other (in current circumstances by Zoom or face-to-face).

Community Outreach Volunteers – COG: Community Outreach Group

COG: Community Outreach Group provides support to homeless and vulnerable people in the City of Aberdeen.

COG Community Outreach Group proudly helps our community by offering those in need support through welfare and helping battle loneliness. We offer tea, coffee, soup and sandwiches but most importantly a friendly chat and maybe you can play a game or two to help make that connection.

We provide support from our stall outside Marks and Spencer at the St Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen from 5pm on a Sunday and 6pm on a Wednesday and have weekly evening trolleys along Union Street starting around 6pm.

All volunteer help is greatly appreciated and makes a real difference for people we support and the community.

For more details please contact Rebecca Fyfe, COG Committee Secretary at email beccafyfe@hotmail.com or tel.: 07415723938.

Volunteer Mentors – ProjectScotland (part of the Volunteering Matters Family)

Across Scotland ProjectScotland (part of the Volunteering Matters Family) supports young people to reach their potential through tailored support, mentoring and the opportunity to experience the benefits of volunteering themselves and the support of a volunteer mentors.

This is a national programme which we have recently secured funding to deliver in the Aberdeen area.

As a guide -6-month commitment – 1 hour weekly although this will be flexible and may fluctuate to meet mentor and mentee availability, this meeting would ideally be face to face however given the COVID situation many matches are virtual using email/telephone/video chat/WhatsApp.

In the role you may be assisting a young person to identify personal goals and aims and support them to work towards these in a planned and thought through way. e.g., building self-esteem, feeling more confident in social situations, expressing themselves effectively, recognising personal strengths. In other matches you might be working on softer outcomes helping them to develop life skills, routine, planning for the day, managing their time effectively and in many cases just checking in to make sure all is well and they are doing alright.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to help young people in their community who need a helping hand. For further information please contact Sue van Horen, Mentor Manager at email: sue.vanhoren@volunteeringmatters.org.uk or tel.: 07833250410.

Scout Group Volunteers – 21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group

We’re scouting for talent. You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to volunteer.

The 21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group is a registered charity (Scottish Charity Number SC018385).

The Scouts prepares young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

Use your skills and talents for good and make a difference. Practical, flexible Scouting. Team working in a variety of tasks.  Mainly to start new sections for Beavers (6-8) and Cubs (8-10½). 

To find out more please Email: volunteering21stscouts@gmail.com

Volunteering Matters RSVP Knitting Group Volunteer Organiser

Volunteering Matters, the UK’s largest volunteering charity, believe that everyone in the UK should have the opportunity to thrive.  We bring people together to overcome some of society’s most complex issues through the power of volunteering.  Our Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) encourages those aged 50+ to volunteer and be active in their communities.  RSVP projects can take many forms, from school support, to driving schemes, all having an incredible impact both on the wider community, and our volunteers.

In Aberdeen, we are looking for a passionate, friendly individual to re-establish RSVP knitting groups in the Aberdeen area as a Group Volunteer Organiser.  As our RSVP Knitting Group Volunteer Organiser, you will engage other adults aged 50+ in the local community who enjoy knitting, bring them together as knitting volunteers, but also providing a social forum for the knitters to chat and spark friendships.  Activity will also happen in between, with knitters completing items at home too. 

In addition to setting up groups and arranging for them to come together (if they would like to), the Organiser will collect items created, and ensure they are donated to local organisations that can benefit from them.  Previously, this has included clothes for the local neonatal unit, trauma teddies, and others.  This will involve networking in the Aberdeen area to establish relationships with organisations and agree how donations will work.

You don’t have to be an avid knitter yourself, this role is more to organise knitting activity, and be the point of contact for knitters and partners in the local area.  However, if you would like to be involved in the knitting activity, that would be most welcome. 

*Tasks involved:

  • Engaging with keen knitters in the local area to form groups, and on-going contact with knitters
  • Promoting knitting opportunities/encouraging wider involvement via local press, social media etc.
  • Working with organisations to create partnerships for the knitting to be donated to
  • Ensuring quality control of items
  • Applying for small grants/funding/some fundraising activity would be beneficial
  • Gathering items from knitters and arranging collection/delivery
  • Ensuring social opportunities for knitters to come together (if they wish to)
  • Inputting to the wider RSVP network as and when appropriate

*You will be:

  • Honest, reliable, and friendly volunteer aged 50+
  • Regular commitment
  • An interest in networking/building relationships
  • Good communication, organisational, and people skills
  • Ability to volunteer independently, taking initiative to grow the groups, with minimum support
  • Able to lift/move bags of knitting donations and transport them – being a driver would be useful

*We will provide:

  • A fun, enjoyable and worthwhile voluntary experience
  • Sense of achievement
  • Relevant training and support
  • All travel expenses
  • Relevant insurance for activities
  • Opportunity to engage with the wider RSVP and Volunteering Matters Network

A fantastic opportunity to help and make a real difference for people and the community.

For further details please contact Louise Orr, Delivery Leader at email: louise.orr@volunteeringmatters.org.uk or tel.: 07534 108 842.

Time For Change Befrienders – Shelter Scotland (Aberdeen Hub)

More than half a million people a year come to Shelter Scotland for advice and support via our website, help lines, and national network of services. We help people to find and keep a home in a place where they can thrive and we tackle the root causes of bad housing by campaigning for new laws, policies and practice.

Befrienders build a trusting relationship and provide emotional support to a person who is experiencing homelessness or bad housing. Our service in Aberdeen supports those experiencing housing issues. This is a structured and time-limited relationship where you will support a person to achieve agreed personal goals, often based on your own life experience.

There is a detailed induction and training, providing all the information and skills needed to fulfil the role, including a dedicated session on Befriending. All volunteers will be supported by a fantastic team in the Aberdeen Hub.

For more information please contact Anthea Reid, Volunteer Support Officer at Email: anthea_reid@shelter.org.uk or tel.: 03445152340.