SHMU Radio

The ACVO and the SHMU team present the ‘So Why Don’t You ..!’ programme every Friday, 2-3pm on Aberdeen’s premier Community Radio station SHMUfm-99.8fm. 

Details also online at:

It is an hour long weekly stroll through the interesting world of volunteering, packed full of the latest ACVO, SHMU, Third Sector, community news and volunteering updates brought to you by ‘Mike on the Mic’, ‘Rod on the Radio’ and ‘Lady Ghada’ from ACVO. Every week a special guest also speaks about their organisation, their work, how it makes a difference and how listeners can get involved as volunteers. With good tunes and banter mixed in throughout as well. Remember to tune in…

You can listen to the weekly ‘So Why Don’t You…’ programme every Friday, 2-3pm on SHMUfm Community Radio 99.8fm or online at

The latest programme with fantastic guests Adrianne and Cathy in the shmuFM studio speaking about the important, wonderful volunteering at Silver City Surfers and how listeners can get involved and help is available to listen to at:

More information about Silver City Surfers is also available at: